Sylvia Kerschl

I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and am a self taught artist. I spent many hours in my youth playing in the woods of Cootes Paradise appreciating the flora and fauna!

Thanks to my parents, who would get us out of bed at 5 am on a Saturday, load us into our VW beetle and trek up to the provincial parks, I developed a deep love for nature. As a naval reservist for some years, I also had the opportunity to serve on the west and east coasts, inhaling the beauty of our Canadian landscape at an early age.

I got my first oil paint set at 15 and spent hours attempting to copy paintings from Walter Foster and Grumbacher books. Over the years my passion waned as life, children and the corporate world came first. I took a few workshops in between but never had the time to apply myself.

Inspired by what surrounds me seems cliche but is certainly an understatement. I am very textural with my paintings as I am drawn to nature in those forms. The angular strength of rock, the misshapen beauty of trees and the softness of the underbrush on the forest floor. I also draw my inspiration from the Muskoka landscape as that is where I have now made my home. Over time, as I have developed my own style, I attempt to impress images with my palette knife or brush. Sometimes I believe that could just be impatience on my part. Needless to say, the impressionist group of painters has had a large influence on my love of art as well.

Recently retired from the corporate world I have now been given the opportunity to rekindle and pursue my passion. I bring you some pieces I hope you will enjoy!


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 817-1808
Location: Huntsville