The members of HAS are grateful to the people who have so generously given to the Society.

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Artists of Distinction

Aleata May

Aleata May graciously donated a large collection of art supplies to HAS for workshops, and books to loan out to educate our members about all art media. The collection is available through our partner More Than Just Art, which is also where our workshops take place.

Vicki Dodds

Vicki was one of the driving forces that helped The Art Crowd get noticed. She was a champion of the Huntsville Art Society and was a big supporter of our dreams of running a gallery. Sadly, she passed too soon.

The Vicki Dodds Memorial Art Book Collection can be found at the Huntsville Public Library.

Brenda Wainman Goulet

Professional artist and Vice Chair of HAS

We have lost an amazing person: Brenda Wainman Goulet, who was also an incredibly talented artist. She inspired all artists in our little town to do our best, think big and outside the box. She was an incredible advocate of the Huntsville Art Society and was inspirational in helping to get a gallery presence for HAS, as well as getting the members of HAS and the Town to take the Huntsville Art Society seriously. She stepped in to fill the vice president role for us when it became empty and helped to champion an art fundraiser so that we could keep the gallery open. As one of our most renowned artists, Brenda’s help in mentoring and championing our Art Society has given us the respect and opportunities we have today.

Brenda inspired me to take a more active role with the society and gave me more confidence in my journey in my art career. I will always cherish our conversations in regards to our love for art and how to best serve the artists in this community, which often meant convincing friends and family to get involved. We benefitted from Brenda’s involvement with Susan Lovell coming on Board, as well Brenda’s daughter Halley. Brenda saw herself as a humble champion of the arts, and a finer champion we could not have.

Brenda was of course involved in every arts organization in the region and was one of the most prolific and well respected voices for art. Her Tom Thomson sculpture was a tribute to Tom, but she openly admitted that he resembled her love of her life, Paul. Brenda was crushed when she lost Paul and she needed to pull back and regroup at that time. Her family was the most important part of Brenda’s life and she needed to be there for them. For the past few years Brenda was finding herself again it seemed and was happy in her new home, creating and making it her own. Unfortunately that time was much too short.

The Huntsville Art Society will always be in Brenda’s debt.

– Pam Carnochan, HAS Co-Chair

Brenda Wainman Goulet with Tom Thomson Sculpture
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Brenda Wainman Goulet with her sculpture of Tom Thomson in Huntsville

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