Born in Toronto Judy grew up in an urban environment, but from the age of 5 enjoyed spending her summers in the country. Having time near the lakes and woods became an essential part of Judy’s experience and a strong influence on her artistic creativity.

From her start in formal instruction at the Ontario College of Art, through workshops and courses with the Toronto School of Art, the Haliburton School for the Arts and the Toronto Watercolour Society, amongst others, Judy explored different mediums and styles building up her art vocabulary. Her first series was of automatic pencil drawings after which she focused on watercolours and then pastels. When again shifting, this time to acrylics, she painted both abstracts and landscapes, using the freer brush strokes from her abstracts to keep her hand loose while painting the later.

A workshop at the Avenue Road School of Art a few years ago shifted her focus once again, this time to realist art. Capturing an image as seen before her while maintaining the feelings it inspired are now what motivates her.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (416) 930-1473
Location: 249 Santa's Village Rd.
Bracebridge, ON
P1L 1W8