V. Marie Maya

I was born and raise in Huntsville and went to school here until grade 13, then trained as a school teacher. I taught in several places through out the province then retired back to Huntsville where I concentrated all my talents and effort pursuing my passion for painting and carving. I have been a member of the Muskoka Pallet Packers since the early 90’s and joined HAS two years ago and have displayed my work at several M.P.P. shows and at Partners Hall and the Summit Center. I work mainly in watercolours with varying subject matter: people, landscape, buildings and animals. I did many carvings while vacation in Mexico on drift wood. Subject matter was mainly faces. Two years ago I join a carving group at the Summit Center and have concentrating on learning to carve bird with some very talented carvers. I enjoy all artistic endeavors and am very lucky to live in beautiful Muskoka.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 789-3147
Email: ericmaya@vianet.ca