Miriam is emerging as watercolour artist as well an experimenter in a wide variety of design and image media. She designs highly interactive, integrated arts curricula for a range of learners; as well as for post-secondary level students that include the performing arts; and visual arts through arts expression.
In Boston, Massachusetts she met with Denny Wolfe, who designed the groundbreaking educational arts Project Zero, at Harvard University. Project Zero is reflected in Miriam’s own doctoral research and its publication, in addition, to her teachings. She has taught art, children’s literature, sociology, and the history of social policy in the post-secondary school system for over 16 years.
Recently, Miriam exhibited both with The Doors Open Celebration, Nielsen Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke and “The Grange” Heritage Museum in Mississauga, Ontario.
I am passionate about ideas and the expression of them in various design approaches and patterns. I have reinvented myself as an artist; author; mindmap designer; and presenter. I am intrigued by the minutiae joys in life and its detailed laughter and curses as I experiment with various media. These media are very much tied to the “message is the medium” ( Marshall McLuhan) Today, messages are intertwined in textures of air on the internet, now a part of the metaphysical world, through to the existential material world.
I hold dear, this magical world of art and the arts that connects cultures; diverse groups, and lived realities of so many unique environmental designs of life on our planet. I ask, “What can I wonder about next? ” And in turn, I ask you to listen, look and touch so that you when its your turn to dance, will wonder and look and listen to the wind; the rain; the sun; and be gentle in your footprint on this blue and green globe. I think it is exciting to be part of a huge turning point of a globalized humanity.
My practice is peaceful and aims for less toxicity as my footprint leaves a scar on the landscape. And so castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually ( Jimi Hendrix).


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (647) 966-8650
Email: mmelamed95@icloud.com
Location: Currently in the GTA. Not open to the public.