Laura Adamiak – falling to land

nothing is finished + everything returns

I can deeply relate to cloth being bound to rust + plant + flower

the cloth bare + open to infinite possibilities

surrendering itself to transformation

sunlight + heat + time infuse the cloth and the objects held within leave their ghosts…

the waiting is necessary in order to become

release body + bone

soften heart + mind

what can we let go of?

the cloth surrendering itself to transformation

moon and sun circle over as the cloth rests

holding the essence of rust + flower + plant

lifetimes seem to have passed…

then all at once

she lets go of everything

the returning

falling to land


art is the way through

it is our gateway

each piece of cloth holds a story…

my story is one of quiet + love

I dwell in a log home built by our will and might, with my husband, son and cat

within the forest I create art + song + poetry

the trees watch as we exchange breath

each bird has its song

I lean towards the sun

trusting the universe

nothing is finished + everything returns

with love,

laura adamiak
falling to land
IG: @fallingtoland


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (905) 299-4128
Location: Huntsville, Ontario