Joanne Collins

I have always been fascinated by wild animals, and my paintings express the pleasure I receive from studying these beautiful creatures. I mostly work in acrylics in an attempt to capture the softness of their fur, the strength in their powerful limbs, and the intensity of their intelligent eyes. Birds are a natural treasure; their colourful plumage attracts the eye and their melodious songs break the silence of winter, signal the return of spring, and fill the long summer days with music. I use brush and paint in an effort to share with others the same love of the nature that keeps us coming back to this sanctuary in the north that I call home. Although I was born in Toronto, I left the city at an early age to wander the mountain paths of the Yukon and to live off the land in the wild interior of Nova Scotia before settling near the borders of Algonquin Park in Magnetawan, Ontario. The beauty of nature inspires me and my love for its wildest creatures is evident in my work. I have coined the term ‘Romantic Realism’ to describe my style that combines a representational approach with a whimsical perspective in order to portray not only how I see, but also how I feel about my subjects. Although I occasionally use acrylic colours to paint on Masonite, and have created a pen and ink collection, most of my recent work has been done on granary boards recycled from collapsed barns. These interior boards have not been ravaged by the weather, but time has slowly aged them; their nail holes, saw marks and gnawed edges telling their ancient stories. The history, character, and natural patina of this ancient wooden canvas adds another element to my wildlife paintings. In a modern world where barns are becoming obsolete and the habitats of woodland creatures are shrinking, I get a satisfying feeling as I repurpose these boards by turning them into an art form that preserves and honours their splendour. I have recently retired and my first winter in the studio has been productive. Finally, I have time and energy to further explore my passion for painting and see the ideas that have been haunting my dreams express themselves on canvass and board.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 471-2124
Location: Magnetawan, Ontario