Jill Boschulte

Jill Boschulte works on paper in a variety of mediums with an expressive and dynamic style. Her images are derived from observations and interpretations of weather phenomena, changing seasons and unique landforms. Words and phrases are occasionally incorporated, acting as warnings and double meanings. Her work reflects on process and outcome; considers what might happen, puzzles over what did happen, and grounds those ideas in the landscape.

Jill has exhibited her work in public and private galleries, and has received several grants from The Ontario Arts Council. She held the position of Director/Curator of The W.K.P Kennedy Gallery in North Bay for three years.

In the fall of 2006, Jill spent one month at Landfall Artist Residency in Brigus, Newfoundland. There her work examined unfamiliar territory, and the notions of being unsettled and “away”. Since then she has returned frequently to Newfoundland gathering ideas for a series titled Navigating. In that work, the images link terminology and watchwords of the sea with the weather, water, and brooding landforms of Newfoundland. They muse on choice and consequence.

Jill has also been awarded artist residencies in Spain and The Shetland Islands, and spent one month in each of those locations.

Currently, she works out of a studio on Main St. in Sundridge, and welcomes visitors into a small gallery that showcases her work.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 384-9737
Email: jillboschulte@gmail.com
Location: 101 Main Street
Sundridge, ON