George D. Pudsey

Early on I was taken with A.Y. Jackson’s pencil sketches that he used as his notes for his wonderful paintings. The bold strokes for future emphasis and the annotations on his sketches seemed to tell the artist’s story unabridged. I liked these raw drawings. Perhaps that’s why working with the most basic substance; clay, to create something pleasing to the eye attracted me.
I’ve been fortunate to travel the World from my youngest years as an “Air Force Brat” through my career and in the process being exposed to the world’s wonders. I spent time (sic) at Carleton U. and two wonderful years at the University of Strasbourg, France followed by a couple of Arctic research projects before settling into a career.
Drawing and occasionally painting came and went over the years, but was always a latent interest. I’ve since been influenced by a remarkable sculptor: Philippe Faraut attending a seminar of his in NY and two western sculptors: Vilem Zack and David Lemon as well as a plethora of other fine artists.
In the end art must speak for itself to the beholder! I hope you derive some enjoyment from my little works.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 636-7260
Location: Pegasus Farm