Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson’s Bio

Elizabeth was born in Fort Erie, Ontario. During her teen years, she and her family lived and travelled in Europe and the Middle East. Elizabeth returned to Canada to finish her university studies in languages and literature, education and fine art. She taught at Guelph Collegiate before moving with her husband Brad and their children Dorset in 1989.
Elizabeth paints in oil and in watercolour. Her representational landscapes are loose, colourful and joyful; her abstracts are bold and simple. She exhibits her work in galleries across Ontario as well as at her own studio/gallery.

Artist’s Statement

“Painting, for me, is an expression of gratitude. It forces me to be quiet and still enough to search for that which is real, enduring ad meaningful in my surroundings. Raised in a old farmhouse in a Mennonite family in southern Ontario, I remain deeply connected to my rural, spiritual and agricultural roots through my painting. My canvasses I coat with an earth colour before I even begin defining the shapes in an oil painting. Currently, I live and work in the forests of Muskoka and the highlands of Haliburton where uncultivated nature, my travels abroad, and my own garden inspire me.
“In an honest and straightforward manner, I paint to reveal the beauty and dignity of an unpretentious life in rural Ontario. While shape remains simply and clearly defined in my work, colour is complex, applied in loose, singing strokes. I consider a painting to be truly successful when the shapes and the strokes glide effortlessly and playfully into place with a minimum of tampering and radiate joy.”

Elizabeth Johnson
Dorset, Ontario


Artist Contact Info

Winter studio: 1148 Shoe Lake Road, Dorset, ON. By appointment only.

Summer Studio: 1028 Clan MacKay Road, Dorset, ON. Open every day in July and August. Check website for September and October hours.