Christina MacBean

​Christina MacBean is the 4th generation in her family to be born and raised in Barrie, ON, Canada. She recently moved north to Muskoka, with her husband and 2 children. She holds an undergraduate degree in Law and Justice, however in 2014, after more than a decade pursuing and working in the public safety industry, she decided to pursue her love of art and all things creative. She is an honours graduate from the Fine Arts program at Georgian College in Barrie and has found her niche in oil painting and printmaking.

My center as an artist regardless of the medium I am using is in the process, which shadows my life’s journey. My goal when making abstract paintings is to create more questions than answers. In a similar way, my prints become conversations that invite the viewer to explore a deeper meaning. I intentionally challenge perceptions, whether in the image itself or in the concept in order to draw the viewer into another realm of seeing, oftentimes by completing work that is ‘deliberately incomplete’. Through my techniques, intuition, and the subject matter that inspires me, I am able to produce sensitive yet vibrant imagery with bold compositions.


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (705) 794-6875
Location: Utterson, ON