Caroline Butson is a self taught, multi-disciplined artist who has worked out of her own studio since 1994. Caroline’s paintings reflect her inner
journey as well as her adventures across Canada and the U.S. to Arizona, Mexico and her love of the local Muskoka landscape. Her oil paintings
have been purchased by private and corporate collectors internationally. Working primarily in oil, Caroline finds the slow curing process akin to
birthing, because the final colors’ luminosity deepens when the oil paint dries. The centuries old medium has it’s origins in Mother Earth which
adds a living element to the original painting. Caroline personally experienced the healing power of the Arts, successfully overcoming a form of autism by way of expressing herself through the languages of painting, singing, drumming and dance. Caroline’s gift for oil painting is her passion and she blends elements of color, movement and form in a unique style that expresses her deep spiritual nature.

“ I have been sharing my knowledge of the Arts since 1988, encouraging children and youth within the autism spectrum to explore self-expression in a safe protected environment allowing them to discover hidden talents and awaken their innate creativity.”
Caroline F. Butson, Autumn 2021
Artist & Reiki Master, CBP
Tree of Life Centre for Creativity


Artist Contact Info

Phone: (647) 624-8733
Location: Tree of Life Centre for Creativity
150 Skyhills Road, Huntsville, ON.